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studio.chats the podcast

Sep 10, 2020

Today's chat is all about WELLness! 
Whitney Nielsen joins us for a real talk on what it is like to be a Workplace Strategist and WELL expert at a large commercial firm in New York City! We had so much fun chatting about the role wellness plays in both her day to day career and how she implements wellness into her personal life too! This past summer she co-hosted the @iidanychapter WELL study group, and shares about that experience too!
This one's for you if you are curious about learning more about WELL, already into it and want to take it to the next level, are thinking about getting involved in your local @iida chapter , or just need some extra motivation to take care of you first & pour out into the world from the excess! Whitney is just the gal to provide insight on all of the above and a super cool, kind human too!